EuroMed Oil and Gas & Co-Located EuroMed Maritime Summit
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To register between one and four delegates to the 2019 co-located EuroMed Oil & Gas and
EuroMed Maritime Summits please complete the electronic booking form below. Attendee
numbers are limited and are allocated on a first come-first served basis.
Discounts: An additional 10% discount applies for 2 delegates, and 20% discount for 3-4 delegates booked simultaneously
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Gold Package (Full 3-day attendance inclusive of the 2-Day Oil & Gas and Maritime main conferences + New Technology, Licensing, legal and project
financing forum on the 8th of May (i.e. the 8th -10th May and the International Delegates and Sponsors Welcome Reception (8th May).
Current price for the early booking registrations is €1,395 Euro and includes attendance to the full 3 day summit Wednesday 8th - Friday 10th May for
one delegate. For 2 - 3 registering delegates the price includes a 10% discount). For 4 or more the price per person features a 20% discount.

The Silver Package (2-day Main Conferences (9th &11th May only):
The current price for the silver package (2-day attendance) is €1,295 Euro and includes attendance to the 9th & 10th of October only. For 2-3
registering delegates the price per person is discounted by 10%. For 4 or more delegates the price features a 20% discount).
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